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Elm class trip

to Belton House

Lots of us had our first time on the top of a double decker bus. We went to the gardens and saw lots of dragonflies flying around. We looked at the goldfish in the orangery and Miss Bradley fed them a piece of carrot. Elm class laid under a 200 year old tree and drew the patterns the branches made then we ran around the maze in groups. Those that weren’t in the maze did the mannequin challenge with the statues. We looked at animals habitats such as badger holes and rabbit holes. Then it was our turn to go pond dipping where Miss Bradley’s group found a dead fish. EWW! By this time we were all very hungry. After lunch we went to the adventure playground. Our class enjoyed the water seesaw the most. What an amazing day we had!

Kingdom of God

Our school have been doing spirited arts. This week we have looked at God in nature. Each class made a picture using natural materials showing what they thought God looked like in nature. Elm class have made a heart tree decoration for the garden. See if you can spot it.

Elm Multi-skills


Belvoir High School

When we arrived at BHS. We were put into groups from 1-10. The sports leaders lead the events. There were lots of events such as catching, obstacle course, balancing, long jump, beanbag throw, jumping from side to side, bean bag race and a zig zag race.

Elm class really enjoyed our sporty day out.