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On-line Safety Presentation

Parents were invited to an important presentation by David Barsby, the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Parent Prevention Officer for this area. 
David’s work involves protecting children from potential harm on-line by equipping you – parents and carers – with the knowledge to improve safety both on and off-line. The dangers are presenting to children at primary age more and more frequently as social media and access to games, snapchat etc. are common. 

We were very pleased to be able to offer this special opportunity to raise awareness and receive up to date knowledge about a rapidly growing concern, and were pleased so many were able to attend.


Useful information and wedsites from the evening.

E-safety Top-Tips
•    Talk to your child about Internet safety, know what sites and apps they use, there functionality and how to set privacy settings

•    Let them know they can talk to you if they see something they don’t like, do something they regret and know how to report concerns on-line

•    Use parental filters on your home wifi and Internet

•    Choose a CONTRACT mobile over Pay as You Go mobile    
             (data can be retrieved from a Contract Mobile)

•    Use computers and devices in a communal space

•    Don’t allow tablets and phones after bedtime –   
                  (introduce the rule early)

•    Explain the dangers of ‘sexting’ and Selfies and digital footprints

•    Explain that people are not always who they seem to be on-line

Set a good example with your own internet use.


PLEASE take a moment to download and read the PDF which is full of useful websites and information to help keep your children safe.