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Throughout the Workshop, the club leaders will develop the children’s balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility.

We start our session with a thorough warm up, working on developing the core and limbering the legs and back. The children will then work on tumbling and on their set positions – pike, straddle, tuck, fish etc. We encourage the children to work in partners and develop their strength with basic lifts and partner work and use the apparatus for jumping and correct landing.

Please send your child with a drink, hair tied back and no jewellery or piercings. We ask all children to wear shorts and a t-shirt or a leotard.

All members of ClubsComplete staff are DBS checked, qualified and experienced working with children and have undertaken safeguarding children training and are first aid trained.

Please give at least 24 hours notice when booking a club. If we have not received a booking form or if it is an adhoc booking and ClubsComplete or the School have not been made aware, your child will be sent to the school office and will not be able to attend. In order to adhere with the school’s safeguarding policy and ClubsComplete’s safeguarding policy, it is vital that we are informed if your child is due to attend one of our clubs. If we do not receive payment, we will not be able to reserve your child a place and your child’s name will not appear on our registers. If your child is not able to attend a club you have booked, you must contact ClubsComplete and the school so that your child’s name is removed from our register in adherence with Safeguarding policies.