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Cyclo-Cross Event 2017

After participating in a series of development sessions, a group of BPS pupils accompanied by Mr Andrews, Mrs Bushell and Mrs Bayman set off to Brooksby Melton College to compete in the Go Ride Racing Cyclo-Cross event.

The team, consisting of 3 boys and 3 girls from Year 5 and 6, participated in a set of Cyclo-Cross events and a Grass Track competition.

Cyclo-Cross Format:

Team Relay - This was a team relay with the quickest time over 6 laps with the pupils completing 1 lap each before dismounting their bike and 'tagging' another member of their team to the undertake the next lap.

Boys individual race - all the boys involved in the competition raced together around the circuit to see who was the fastest.

Girls individual race - all the girls involved in the completion raced together around the circuit to see who was the fastest.

Grass Track Format:

This was the Italian Pursuit race in which the children raced as a team around the oval course. The 6 riders set off together. Rider number 6 completed the full 6 laps with each of the other riders 'peeling off' after their lap so rider 1 completed 1 lap, rider 2 completed 2 lap and so on. The team with the quickest time won the race.

After a fantastic competition our team finished in 3rd place. Special thanks to Mrs Bushell and Mrs Bayman for their helping in transporting the children and their bikes to the event. Well done to Mr Andrews for finishing in 2nd place in the adults event.

Cyclo-Cross teach in action 2017