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Inclusion Football Festival 2018

On 22nd of June, 21 pupils from Year 4, 5 and 6 competed in a World Cup style football festival. Along with a team from Ab Kettleby Primary School taking on the role of Mexico, we entered three teams to battle for our very own World Cup trophy. Our school teams took on the role of Australia, Croatia and Spain. 

To support the running of the competition, Andrew Hines and Ethan Squires took on the role of officiating all of the matches fairly and to a very high standard. What great role models! Special mention to Toby Cullen for taking on the role of manager of Croatia and leading them to victory. All the children involved were exceptional, showing great team work along the way.


Football Inclusion Festival 2017

On 23rd of June, seven pupils from Year 5 and 6 went off to Sherard Primary School in Melton to compete in a World Cup style inclusive football tournament. Our Team, accompanied by Mr Andrews and Mrs Morton, took on the role of Portugal and competed against other schools representing different countries. These were Ab Kettleby, taking on the role of Italy; Sherard A-team, taking on the role of England and finally Sherard B-team, taking on the role of Germany.

Our team were very successful in winning all of their games and finishing as 'World Champions'. Most importantly, a great time was had by all involved and our children performed exceptionally well as a team and demonstrated great sportsmanship.