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Poppy Workshop

Remembrance Day

To mark Remembrance Day this year, Bottesford Primary School has been involved in a special community project called “Message in a Poppy” where we have been sharing our reflections on the theme of Remembrance through art and poetry, talking and researching.

The result has been three super displays, one in our school, one in our Village Community Library and one in St Mary’s Church.

Let some of the children tell us what this has involved:

“For our ‘Message in a Poppy Project’, what we did was each of us did a first draft of a picture at school.  Mine was of a poppy with a Wow and OW poem written round it.  We rolled our pictures up so they could make stems for our big poppy displays.  Then we involved our families and people in the village by asking them if they had any special places or people who either were in the war or helped with the war so we could remember them on Armistice Day.  I found out about my great grandad and that he fought in North Africa and Italy.  I learnt that we can be grateful and sad at the same time but that talking about it makes things a lot better.  Poppies now make me think of my family helping in the war and it’s like a chain following on where now it reaches me so I can keep that chain going….
I hope that there will not be another war and that people will remember unsung heroes as well.”  JY Y4

Each message written by the children from their own ideas and from what they had gathered from their families and research into village history and stories, was photocopied and archived into special colourful books.  The original pictures then became part of our Poppy Displays when local artist and teacher, Mrs Jane Clissett spent a morning with us and some volunteer helpers from the village, making tissue poppy boards with the children which we could then mount in three sites; in school and in the church and in the village library.  The children’s original messages were part of these, rolled around pipe cleaners to turn them into the poppy stems.  Some of the messages were also photocopied larger and added to the displays to create a very thought provoking scene of Remembrance. 

‘My stem had a rolled-up picture of a rose and around it I wrote: “Although it may seem hard, the prettiest things can come out of the dirtiest things.  Roses have spikes on the stalks.  If you touch one then you might hurt yourself and cry.  But think about those who lost their lives in wars and battles.  Those who saved somebody else’s life for theirs.’  EC Y4

‘I enjoyed making something that would be shown and might make those who fought in the war and their families proud’ GL Y6

“Using artwork as a way to represent the bravery soldiers and the people who died was good’ HF Y5

…and the volunteers from the village were really kind taking the time to help us rather than all the other things they could have been doing.”  CH Y6

‘They were very patient and helpful with all their experience and wisdom’ HT Y4

‘Sometimes things were fiddly but they were so creative and resourceful!” HD Y4

I liked making something to help understand about people who gave their lives… we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them” FD Y6